CBM Work Services

Poactive Machinery Service, Corrective Machinery Service &Pre and Post CBM Program Planning.


Awareness, Vibration Analysis, In-situ Balancing & Precision Alignment. Approved by Mobius Institute.


Portable Vibration Analyser & Vibration Hardware

Condition Monitoring Services

For more than 20 years in the industry, our Condition Monitoring Service model strive continuously for improving plant availability, less breakdown and reducing maintenance cost. AFCM provides product, services, training and support to suit all the requirements of plant maintenance. We are your Predictive Maintenance or Condition Monitoring Specialist, providing a combination of the CBM tools and a good practice of analyst.

Our Customer

Training Schedule 2019

Training Course Date
Basic Vibration Analysis CAT I 28th - 31st Jan
25th - 28th Mar
19th - 22nd Aug
21st - 24th Oct

Intermediate Vibration Analysis CAT II 25th Feb - 1st Mac
22nd - 26th Apr
23th - 27th Sep
11th - 15th Nov

Advance Vibration Analysis CAT III 8th - 12th Jul
16th - 20th Dec

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