Case 1 :Monorail Experienced Broken CV Shaft and Premature Failure of Bolster (Tyre) Main Bearing

Location : Mumbai, India


A senior member of MMRDA reported that “There have been several technical glitches that led to disruption of services during the first three years,”. Hence, AFCM has been appointed by SCOMI Engineering Bhd. to further evaluate on finding by previous vendor (Hyosung Corporation) which found out that the high vibration is due to the beam surface roughness when the monorail is running at high speed. The study also involves in evaluating the ride quality of the RST and the beam surface roughness of phase 1 route. Another studies is to compare the CV shaft quality between Thompson (TCL) and GKN brand. The RST components comprises of motor, GRU (gear reduction unit), CV (constant velocity) shaft, RGB (reduction gearbox), bogie, bolster, frame GW (guide wheel) and car body.